Thursday, 7 July 2016


California university is the best and popular university of the world the name of this university always come world top and best university the best thing of this university  is that they give good and extra knowledge about science and health  there are many good students of this university and thousand student want to be a student of this university in this university have been world best teachers and this teachers always give good knowledge of their student the university of California most  popular in this world and the location of this university so good this university change the life of men and give a good name and good fame of a person this university so popular and hit all around the world the university do o much progress in the world and the knows this university because this university is a good and best university of the world i wish that this university always do so much progress this is the best university of the world the best thing of this university is that they always give good and excellent  knowledge of their students.

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